Programmable Thermostats Can Be Your Best Friend In Reduction Of Expenditure

Saving Money

In 21st Century, we are facing two hindrances – global heating & rising of fuel prices. Many scientists are exchanging views on the first one but reality is what we are getting contact with is undoubtedly painful. Today, going under these types of highest degree of weather is very recurrent circumstances for all of us. The rising of fuel cost is another major blockage for us that make our life least comfortable. We may see a noteworthy change in the fuel prices but we have to pay nearly same for it as before. The prices of fuel may be settled but it will never surrender down.

These two have a worst impact on our national economy. The expense of commodities is rising rapidly due to the first crisis. So, we should pay attention in every area to minimize expenditure. We should try to way out the path how we can lessen the value of day to day activities.

Among the diversified ways, using The Programmable Thermostat in Office & Home could be the best way as it is pragmatic & spontaneous also. We can rescue a handsome amount of penny by using the best Wifi thermostat. There are different types of Thermostat. Those are – Electromechanical Thermostat, Digital Thermostat, Hybrid Thermostat, Occupancy Thermostat, Light Sensing Thermostat. We can try any types of tools from the listed options for the betterment of us & our National Economy. Continue reading

How to Fix a Clogged Line on a Keurig

If you are a coffee lover, it is really panic to get through the day without your jolt of java or your new Keurig stops brewing. You may have bought it because of the comfort and convenience of brewing special blends one cup at a time. But when it is out of work, you will find it neither luxurious nor convenient. And one of the mostcommon problems that make your machine stop working is Clogged Line. My article today will focus on how to Fix a Clogged Line on a Keurig.


And to give you the clearest instruction possible, I’m going to present in instructions through detailed steps. Let’s follow to have the problem solved effectively Continue reading

Nest Learning Thermostat Review

Nest Learning ThermostatAt present Nest is the Leading headlines among the newly launched Technologies used for Home Improvement and it may be the true base for which HomeKit project was set float by Apple at WWDC 2014. In spite of being apex valued kit, The Nest Learning Thermostat is glorified by many Tech versed persons as it is very adjuvant in saving energy at home & offices also. Though the Kit was come into light in 2011, it is still same exoteric & pop as before only for facile method of installation as well as newish design. Continue reading

Ins & Outs Of Thermostat C Wire Can Aid You To Be Modern One

Thermostat Wire

Thermostat Wire

In the previous model, it was not mandatory to have details knowledge about wire as those did not need to purvey power successively as those age-old devices have only off/on option. In compare with the backdated thermostat, the newest wifi thermostats having Wi-Fi or backilt demand a static supply. So, the thermostat C wire which is also named as conventional wire permits the immutable flow of 24 VAC energy to the thermostat.
If we observe the technical issues of thermostat, we will trace out that there are 2-4 strands in common in the all the thermostats including back dated thermostats & up dated thermostats. The ultra modern device requires an extra features and that is C wire.
Take aside the device from the wall without disjoining any wires. When you will behold that the device has five strands it is ok. Congratulation dear as the fifth one is the C wire. But if you are not so lucky, you may not find it. And you have to annex the new wire to your thermostat from furnace for the installation of neoteric thermostats or try out some other solutions.
There are diversities also in weights that are used in thermostats. If you HVAC is available in your system, you can try the 18/5 cable. But if you have only the heat in the system, you can adopt with 18/3. But the best way and rational choice should be to use 18/5 for future thinking. Continue reading

3 Awesome Home Automation Solutions

In my previous article, I have detailed concerning data stream service provider and told you the vitality of this product discussing its necessity for any home automation solution. Now, I’m planning to share some home automation solutions that will help you make your home smart using innovative and unique ways. Read the details carefully in order to learn how to use these items.



Just one app is needed to control and unify all of your home’s devices and Revolv is something that meets this requirement. This is a wireless hub you have to set at the location suitable for your devices to connect. From wall outlets to appliances, switches to the thermostat and to sound systems, Revolv has the ability to support thousands of smart home devices used in our house. Continue reading

Tech Connect – Our Mission


The mission of Tech Connect is to promote digital inclusion within all of San Francisco’s socio-economically diverse communities and enable all residents to benefit from access to the Internet and information technology.

Recent research shows that a significant digital divide exists in San Francisco. Low income youth and their families, residents of public housing, limited English speaking communities and the disabled are less likely to have access to computers and the internet.

Tech Connect seeks to bridge this divide by engaging the public, private and nonprofit sectors to provide access to the internet, affordable computers and hardware, technical support and training and community based content and services.

As more of our daily lives are conducted on the Internet, those San Franciscans who are not connected are excluded from opportunities in employment, education, health care, services and the ability to participate in civic affairs. These people are the principal reason for Tech Connect.

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Youth & Families Connect – Our Mission

pyc_logoIn the larger spirit of San Francisco Connect,Youth & Families Connect works to link schools and youth to the community as well as improve the academic and employment opportunities available to youth.

In partnership with DonorsChoose and San Francisco School Volunteers, Youth & Families Connect engages community members in schools through volunteering and financial donations that will directly benefit youth and their schools.

Additionally, Youth & Families Connect issues specific challenges to donors and plans events to encourage volunteering. Youth & Families Connect will also work with United Way of the Bay Area to provide job placement and training for youth.

Lastly, Youth & Families Connect works with the Mayor’s Office to recognize San Francisco’s outstanding teachers through the Mayor’s Teacher of the Month Recognition Award.


Green Connect – How We Work

Green Connect oversees a range of volunteer-based greening activities that expand on existing volunteer activities of city departments such as DPW and Recreation and Parks, as well as non-profit organizations such as the Friends of the Urban Forest, the Clean City Coalition the San Francisco ParksTrust and others. Green Connect manages a single, unified calendar of “Green Connect” events that include both existing and new volunteer events. Above all, Green Connect will focus on piloting simple improvements and enhanced maintenance to the city’s streets, parks and plazas, and encourage local communities to build a long-term stewardship role in the city’s green spaces. Lastly, Green Connect will work with the Mayor’s Office to recognize San Francisco’s gardeners through the Mayor’s Gardener of the Month Recognition Award.


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Green Connect Our Mission


Green Connect is growing a community of residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and city agencies dedicated to improving the environment for all San Franciscans. Through existing volunteer activities and pilot programs, participants improve and plant neighborhood parks, street gardens, street trees, and other public spaces, maintain and care for the city’s green resources, and strengthen the community ties that enhance the everyday experience of city living. Continue reading

Project Homeless Connect – How We Work

Project Homeless Connect is a bi-monthly event where 1000 volunteers are needed to help provide services to the 2000 homeless San Franciscans that attend. Corporations are invited to collaborate with us and help sponsor one of our events.

Project Homeless Connect offers the following free services and more: Acupuncture, Childcare, Credit Counseling, Dental Services, DMV IDs, Domestic Violence Counseling, Eyeglasses, Family Services, Food, Lunches, Haircuts, HIV testing, Housing Information, Hygiene Products, Massage, Medical Care, Mental Health Services, Methadone and Needle Exchange, Substance Abuse Services, Shelter Reservations and more.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available at Project Homeless Connect events. You do not have to have prior experience, only a commitment to help. We ask prospective volunteers to attend a one- hour training. Trainings are not mandatory. Trainings are announced periodically and highly recommended. We prefer if you sign up for a team and register for events, however you are more than welcome to just show up on the day and we will find a place for you. Project Homeless Connect needs your assistance. Without volunteers there would be no event.


The chronic homeless adults who come to the Homeless Connect events need a wide range of information, services and appointments. In order to assist them to make successful connections with services, every client starts with Check-In. These individuals explain and obtain signed authorization for sharing information and take the client through a structured set of questions. This brief but critical survey of needs and information identifies the service areas that will best assist the individual that day.

Client Support

Client Support team members are the first contact clients have with volunteers at the service center. This role is crucial in helping engage clients and make them feel welcome. They escort clients to each service site helping them to navigate the center. Some volunteers who have a special interest will be stationed at one of the many service areas such as housing information or mental health or dental. This is a great way to introduce yourself to this amazing program.

Street Outreach

Street Outreach team members travel to different San Francisco neighborhoods and engage with homeless clients. In groups of 2 or 3 team members encourage clients to come to the Homeless Connect one stop shop where they can then receive a variety of social services.


A medical unit is available to Homeless Connect clients for urgent care medical services. Clients are triaged by volunteer RNs and NPs. On site social workers match-up clients for follow-up appointments. In addition, Podiatry care is also offered.

Project Homeless Connect needs general medical providers, (NPs,MDs,PAs intern and residents) as well as specialists such as dermatologists and orthopedists. We also need nurses and nursing students for history taking/triage, taking vital signs and glucose finger sticks and “wound care.”


ProjHomeless Connect has organized the Connect Cafe, a mini-restaurant, which serves meals to Homeless Connect clients. Food Volunteers in the Cafe area host, act as waiters, prep food and bus tables.


Activity volunteers offer letter writing, foot washing, massage, free books, doggy dare care and a variety of other activity projects.

Data Entry

Data Entry volunteers enter data into a database donated by Salesforce Inc, on-site on laptops from the collected client forms. This information is vital for capturing outcome data on clients.

Check Out

The check out area is the final stop before leaving Project Homeless Connect. Check out offers another opportunity to insure that folks were connected with what they feel they needed. Check out allows folks to provide feedback which helps us with future planning and ensures that we are providing the assistance our clients want and need the most.

Pre-Event Volunteers

We often have need for volunteers during the week and on weekends prior to the big event. This could be data entry, packaging hygiene kits, phone bank, or volunteer outreach.