Ins & Outs Of Thermostat C Wire Can Aid You To Be Modern One

Thermostat Wire

Thermostat Wire

In the previous model, it was not mandatory to have details knowledge about wire as those did not need to purvey power successively as those age-old devices have only off/on option. In compare with the backdated thermostat, the newest wifi thermostats having Wi-Fi or backilt demand a static supply. So, the thermostat C wire which is also named as conventional wire permits the immutable flow of 24 VAC energy to the thermostat.
If we observe the technical issues of thermostat, we will trace out that there are 2-4 strands in common in the all the thermostats including back dated thermostats & up dated thermostats. The ultra modern device requires an extra features and that is C wire.
Take aside the device from the wall without disjoining any wires. When you will behold that the device has five strands it is ok. Congratulation dear as the fifth one is the C wire. But if you are not so lucky, you may not find it. And you have to annex the new wire to your thermostat from furnace for the installation of neoteric thermostats or try out some other solutions.
There are diversities also in weights that are used in thermostats. If you HVAC is available in your system, you can try the 18/5 cable. But if you have only the heat in the system, you can adopt with 18/3. But the best way and rational choice should be to use 18/5 for future thinking.

Here are two best ways to perceive the wires in your thermostat

1. Method 01 : Check The Cables Astern The Thermostat

Disengage the thermostat from the wall & look on the cables by which the thermostat is adjoined to wall. If you got a wire named or labeled as “C”, then it is fine indeed & you can proceed with the lovely thermostat installation. If you trace it out, do not be upset as there is another chance also. Some installers opine that it is not mandatory to unveil to the C wire so they fix it into the wall.

2. Method 02 : Check The Cables Astern The Furnace

At first, you are to disengage the connection of power to the furnace & extricate the cover off. Then you will notice that there has a row of screws sealed R, C, W2, G, Y/Y2 & you should pay heed to it. Please try yourself to find out the details in the Furnace. If you are able to find out the C wire in it. Surely, it is ok.
If you are incapable to discover, do not be frustrate. Please hire a professional for the installation of the thermostat.
Keep in mind that there is no indication that any definite color of wire is used for that types of task. So, what you have learned about “what types of color are for what usages” from internet may not be matched with it.
After all those confusion, I may aid you by giving some as usual uses of wire colors.

  •  Air Conditioned – Yellow – Y
  •  Fan – Green – G
  •  Heat – White – W
  •  Black/Blue – Common wire which is so far not used by your present thermostat.

So, allows continuous energy from red wire – C

  •  24VAC From the Furnace – Red – R
  •  24VAC ( Specially for cooling call ) – Red – RC
  •  24VAC ( Specially for heat call ) Red – RC

Everything is surely disclosed in the aforementioned paragraph & nothing is left for bottom-line . We always try to do something good for the betterment of us & globe also. So, replaced the outdated thermostat by the modern one & start saving money.

See more help with thermostat wiring problems at here or here.

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