Green Connect – How We Work

Green Connect oversees a range of volunteer-based greening activities that expand on existing volunteer activities of city departments such as DPW and Recreation and Parks, as well as non-profit organizations such as the Friends of the Urban Forest, the Clean City Coalition the San Francisco ParksTrust and others. Green Connect manages a single, unified calendar of “Green Connect” events that include both existing and new volunteer events. Above all, Green Connect will focus on piloting simple improvements and enhanced maintenance to the city’s streets, parks and plazas, and encourage local communities to build a long-term stewardship role in the city’s green spaces. Lastly, Green Connect will work with the Mayor’s Office to recognize San Francisco’s gardeners through the Mayor’s Gardener of the Month Recognition Award.


Green Connect includes four main projects:


This project organizes and supports monthly neighborhood tree plantings and ongoing tree stewardship activities. This project is a partnership between the Department of Public Works – Bureau of Urban Forestry, Friends of the Urban Forest, and the Department on the Environment.


This project aims to increase volunteerism and stewardship throughout San Francisco’s park system. Through an exciting new partnership between the Recreation and Parks Department, non-profit parks advocates, and Laborers’ Local 261, this project will connect local residents and businesses directly with the gardeners who maintain their local parks and build stewardship teams to improve parks through the creation of park work plans and long-term volunteer opportunities in the parks.


This project facilitates the revitalization of gateway entrances and exits to the city through partnerships with San Francisco’s Business Community. Over time, the project will be expanded to include the conversion of unused right-of-ways and other public spaces into small-scale, community open space developed and maintained by local community groups.

Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti Abatement works with neighbors, business owners and the community at large to identify, report and remove graffiti from public and private spaces.

Come work with us as we adopt an area of the city and remove graffiti from newspaper boxes, bus shelters, phone booths, walls, etc. This will greatly enhance the beauty of the city while simltaneiously promoting public safety and health.

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