Green Connect Our Mission


Green Connect is growing a community of residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, and city agencies dedicated to improving the environment for all San Franciscans. Through existing volunteer activities and pilot programs, participants improve and plant neighborhood parks, street gardens, street trees, and other public spaces, maintain and care for the city’s green resources, and strengthen the community ties that enhance the everyday experience of city living.

Green Connect Steering Committee

The Green Connect Steering committee is responsible for developing the vision and overall direction for the program. The committee will provide general oversight, as well as evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the various projects undertaken in each area. The steering committee includes representatives from the following organizations:

pgc_1Office of Mayor Gavin Newsom
Department of Public Works
Department of Recreation and Parks
San Francisco Environment
Grant, Scott, & Hurley
Laborers’ Local 261
Friends of the Urban Forest
San Francisco Botanical Garden
San Francisco Unified School District
Clean City Coalition
San Francisco Parks Trust
Lifeframes, Inc. and A Living Library
Friends of the Urban Forest

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