How to Fix a Clogged Line on a Keurig

If you are a coffee lover, it is really panic to get through the day without your jolt of java or your new Keurig stops brewing. You may have bought it because of the comfort and convenience of brewing special blends one cup at a time. But when it is out of work, you will find it neither luxurious nor convenient. And one of the mostcommon problems that make your machine stop working is Clogged Line. My article today will focus on how to Fix a Clogged Line on a Keurig.


And to give you the clearest instruction possible, I’m going to present in instructions through detailed steps. Let’s follow to have the problem solved effectively

  1. Remove your Keurig out of the power resources and turn it off, then bring it to a brightly lit area if necessary.
  2. Lift the machine top and flip it back to throw the portion pack holder. Push up on this part from below while pulling from top to make it loose from the Keurig.
  3. Pull the funnel which constructs half of the portion pack and separate it from theopposite part. Grasp the assemblyroughly the sides and have it free. You may find it somehow stubborn in the first time when it’s disassembled.
  4. Turn the portion pack holder over and search for the tube which emerges from the foot. Make a paper clip straight or use a toothpick to push through the tube. Slightly wiggle it around to cheer coffee grounds or other obstacles to release and flush free. Don’t try to completely poke through the tube; the current needle’s opening is on the side of the channel, not the end.
  5. Redden the funnel portion and the portion pack containerwith very hot water. Or you can soak them with a proper amount of vinegar to cover the elements, which flush contaminants. Vinegar will help to dissolve hard water — or scale — buildup.
  6. Continue flipping the Keurig’s top up and search for the entrance needle which is designed at the center of the lid’s bottom. Try to the two holes, on one of the two side of the needle.
  7. Discover the holes, using the straighten paper clip or toothpick. Conduct the workout carefully or you may injure yourself with the sharp needle or due to poking completely through the needle and stabbing the water line that connects to it.
  8. Have the toothpick or paper clip run around outside of the needle to untieevery visible buildup. Don’t let your fingers close to the sharp needle while working or you will get injured easily.
  9. Make the slots on the funnel and the portion pack container on the line. Make them snap together with solid and mild pressure. A new Keurig is likely to be more resistant than the older one.
  10. Substitute the portion pack assembly inside the Keurig. Line up the tabs on the assembly to make fit in the coffee maker. Lower the brewer lid to make sure that the handle clicksappropriately into place. Connect the machine with the power and turn it on.
  11. Run two or three cups of water through the coffee maker to redden sediment you knocked loose. Otherwise, run the same amount of vinegar; flush it with a cup or two of water to rinse the vinegar away.

OK, here are detailed steps to fix a Clogged Line on a Keurig, which are all simple and effective and have helped a lot of users deal with their clogged line successfully. So are you suffering from this issue? Why don’t you make use of them right now?

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