3 Awesome Home Automation Solutions


In my previous article, I have detailed concerning data stream service provider and told you the vitality of this product discussing its necessity for any home automation solution. Now, I’m planning to share some home automation solutions that will help you make your home smart using innovative and unique ways. Read the details carefully in order to learn how to use these items.



Just one app is needed to control and unify all of your home’s devices and Revolv is something that meets this requirement. This is a wireless hub you have to set at the location suitable for your devices to connect. From wall outlets to appliances, switches to the thermostat and to sound systems, Revolv has the ability to support thousands of smart home devices used in our house.

Now you have no need to look further to control and see the current status of your home, activity, and access to on-demand actions as this item is enough to work for all these needs.  All actions are automatically programmed which means a user is free to select actions based on locations, time, and sensors.

It enables you to control your home from nearby locations and from a limited range. It facilitates you to turn on the lights automatically as well as you can adjust your thermostat as per your pre-determined location. No wires are required to set this hub as it comes with the wireless system giving you the facility of using Wifi network to be connected to your home devices.



No matter who you are running your own business or you need just to consume energy, Eragy, a cloud-based light commercial and residential energy management item. Unlike various other competitors, you can connect it to almost all devices installed in your home including lighting, thermostat, and security systems.

It has many offerings such as giving your notifications of the home’s customizable and health schedules, modes, and alerts. It means you can control your entirely home regardless of the location you’re in, from your mobile phone. Eragy helps you focus on how to decrease energy usage along with monitoring your projected and current energy cost and usage on it mobile and web app dashboard.



Mostly, Nest is recognized and known as the learning thermostat since it learns the temperature and your schedule preference. Just install the Nest app on your mobile and start controlling your home using this amazing item. You don’t need to program anything rather it programs itself and saves your energy.

From the day your being, Nest optimizes itself for the systems you own and begins learning all about temperature changes. Don’t worry if you forgot to turn off the temperature when leaving your home as its Auto-Away is designed to do it for you.

With using its mobile app, you can change the temperature even with your absence in your home. It comes with Leaf which plays an important role in saving your energy.

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